Stanless steel products

Nordic Gruppen is performing retail and wholesale trades of stainless steel fittings and other products used in production of railings, connecting handrails pipes and more. 

Our product range varies from AISI304 to AISI316.

As we always keep our stock full, product delivery time to client is minimum. 

Please contact us for full product list or if you are interested in prices.


Product pictures

AISI304/316 glass railing posts
AISI304/316 glass railing posts
Glass railing parts
AISI304/316 glass railing parts
AISI304/316 pipe for LED, 3000mm
Connector to the wall 42.4mm
AISI304/316 pipe 3000mm, 42.4mm
AISI304/316, 42.4mm pipe support
AISI304/316 handrail holder for glass railing
AISI304/316 handrail holder, wall mounted
AISI304/316 handrail connector, 42.4x2mm
AISI304/316 handrail connector, 42.4x2 mm
AISI304/316 handrail connector, 42.4x2mm